Machine Mastery MM1A - Computerized Sewing Machines

Become well-acquainted with your new computerized sewing machine in this first course of our Machine Mastery series.

The Fundamentals of Fashion F1A - Beginning Sewing for Youth Level 1

Sew... you have mastered the projects in our A La Carte and Ready, Set, Sew! classes. Now, you are on the hunt for some fashion sewing you can really sink your needle into. Look no further - the Fundamentals of Fashion, tailored for youth, ages 10 to 16, is just for you.

The Fundamentals of Pattern Making PM10A

Did you know that all garments made are based upon what are called "blocks"? Blocks are comprised of pieces to make the front and back bodice, the front and back skirt, the sleeve. And the front and back pants pattern pieces. From these basic shapes, new garments are realized.

Feb 20
Beginning Fashion Sewing S1B
Feb 21
Fashion Illustration FI1A - Level 1
Feb 21
Beginning Stretch Sewing S10B

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