Leather Work and Shoe Making

LeatherWorks LW1A introduces you to working with chrome-tanned leather by hand, instructing you in the techniques utilized by fashion houses such as Hermes.

Cost: $ 599.00
LeatherWorks LW1B builds upon the skills students are introduced to in Level 1. In this course, students will move from flat patterning to developing patterns with gussets.

Cost: $ 599.00
A foray into boot making, these shoes are built on a boot last. Completely fabricated by hand, you will learn how to measure for your shoes, how to cut and prep the leather, linings, inner linings and uppers, and how to construct these shoes from start to glorious finish!

Deana McGuffin, one of the most well-respected bootmakers in the entire known world of bootmakers, joins Sewing Arts to teach boot making - cowboy (and cowgirl) boots, that is.

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