Hand Work

Embroidery allows you to capture with thread and fiber the world at large. From the simplest seed and satin stitches spawn landscapes of color, of memory, of recreation. Open up your creative sewing genius to hand embroidery in this 3-session class that will introduce you to the joy of hand embroidery.

Cost: $ 99.00
Another extraordinary embellishment technique, nothing speaks quite the same as beading on fabric. This introductory class will introduce you to the fundamentals of beading on fabric by hand.

Cost: $ 29.00
Quilting in is simplest form is the means by which the backing, filler and top of a quilt are connected - tacked to each other. This class introduces you to the time-honored tradition of hand quilting.

Cost: $ 29.00
Time honored, hand piecing remains as relevant as ever. Hand piecing is an art form that is reasonably easy to master, and puts piecing quilt blocks squarely in the realm of a portable art form.

Cost: $ 29.00

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