Sewing for Youth

Do you have an aspiring fashion designer in your midst? Inspire and nurture your child's creative sewing genius by introducing the youth in your life to his or her sewing potential with our A La Carte Sewing Studio Series.

Cost: $ 49.00
Open to children between the ages of 9 and 16, A La Carte Sewing Level 2 is designed for those who have completed one camp or two sessions of ALC1A.

Cost: $ 49.00
Sew... you have mastered the projects in our A La Carte and Ready, Set, Sew! classes. Now, you are on the hunt for some fashion sewing you can really sink your needle into. Look no further - the Fundamentals of Fashion, tailored for youth, ages 10 to 16, is just for you.

Cost: $ 235.00
Ready for more sewing? In F1B, you will ramp up your sewing skills starting with a skirt with zipper. Thereafter, in each series of F1B, in consultation with the instructor, you'll develop your skills working on dresses, jeans and jackets.

Cost: $ 169.00
Ready, Set, Sew! Level 2 provides the perfect opportunity for youth to further their sewing skills. For returning students, this camp is devoted to those who have participated in at least two A La Carte classes, or one of our camps and who are comfortable and ready to move ahead.

Cost: $ 299.00
The sewing camps at Sewing Arts are perennial favorites among our youth (AND their parents!) Unleash your child's sewing potential with our Ready, Set, Sew! 4-day sewing camps. Open to all children ages 9-14. Maximum enrollment: 8.

Cost: $ 299.00

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